Charles Freericks's Collection
By:Charles Freericks
Dates:1/1/2000 - 12/31/2005
Album Info:Pictures from 2000 to 2005
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Rebuilt GEEPS pulling baretables west
Title:  Rebuilt GEEPS pulling baretables west
Description:  Canadian Pacific Belt Pack/RCO yard job brings empties across Victoria Drive into Williston Yard. Power is a pair of rebuilt GP9us. In the back sits the power for RS-1 (road switcher), the twice daily to Coquitlam and back. We are at about milepost 126. The lead unit came to CP from GMDD in 08/1955 and was rebuilt by CP/Ogden in 1986. The second unit was delivered in 1954 from GMDD as CP 8487, and was rebuilt in 1985. These were originally CP class DRS-17a.
Photo Date:  4/6/2000  Upload Date: 7/26/2007 1:24:59 AM
Location:  Vancouver, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  CP 1623(GP9u) CP 1591(GP9u)
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BNSF 4543
Title:  BNSF 4543
Description:  BNSF stack trains swap crews on the 190th Street Bridge, aka the eastern limit of Alcoa Yard. The Hobart based crew has brought 4965 to Torrance, whlie the Watson based crew has brought 4543 up. This crew swap was a somewhat rare move, usually made because one of the crews (probably Hobart) was at risk of dying on the law. Dash 9 4543 was part of BNSF's 1999 order for 299 more of the ubiquitous units, making it only about six months old in this shot.
Photo Date:  5/27/2000  Upload Date: 6/20/2008 12:33:48 AM
Location:  Torrance, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BNSF 4543(C44-9W)
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BNSF 4965
Title:  BNSF 4965
Description:  Westbound stacks come to rest over Hawthorne Avenue in order to swap crews. While this train is in single track territory, it is coming upon the eastern limit of Alcoa Yard, where an eastbound is waiting. The two trains traded crews here, returning the Watson crew to Watson and the Hobart crew to Hobart. On the heels of this train was a light engine move, making for a very rare train three Harbor Sub meet. Dash 9 #4965 was from the end of an order for 200 Dash 9s that were delivered in the second half of 1998.
Photo Date:  5/27/2000  Upload Date: 6/20/2008 12:33:29 AM
Location:  Torrance, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BNSF 4965(C44-9W)
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UP 9723
Title:  UP 9723
Description:  A Union Pacific Dash 9 leads a string of COFC over the south branch of the Chicago River, via the "South Branch Bridge" aka the "Canal Street Railroad Bridge." Built in 1915 by Waddell and Harrington for the Pennsylvania Railroad, the bridge is now on Amtrak's Chicago Terminal. The train is coming from Union Pacific's Canal Street Intermodal facility and will reach the former Chicago and Northwestern main from here. #9723 is from UP's July and August 1994 order of Dash 9s.
Photo Date:  6/3/2000  Upload Date: 6/21/2008 7:28:16 PM
Location:  Chicago, IL
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  UP 9723(C44-9W)
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BC Rail "Whistler Northwind"
Title:  BC Rail "Whistler Northwind"
Description:  The short-lived "Whistler Northwind" was a pleasant surprise when I drove over to North Van one early morning from my hotel room at the Sutton Place. Usually led by a specially painted brown B39-8, she was led this day by substitute power in the form of a Dash 9-44CWL. This luxury "land cruise" service began in 2001 and died in 2002 when BCOL gave up all passenger train service. The nine car train included were three single level domes built by Colorado Railcar, along with another standard CRM lounge car. Two of the domes — 1720 and 1721 — were used for "Panorama" service, while the third, 1722, seated the train's "Summit" service passengers. An additional round-end summit lounge car, a diner and kitchen car, as well as a crew sleeper and a power car rounded out the consist. Taking three days for the trip up to Prince George (so you could see Fraiser Canyon), the train only ran in the daytime. Passengers left the train enroute for sightseeing, free time, and overnight stays at the ski resort of Whistler and in the Cariboo region at 100-Mile House. I recall some BCOL representatives standing on the platform, watching the train pull out... making sure everything was perfect.
Photo Date:  5/27/2001  Upload Date: 12/30/2010 1:00:30 AM
Location:  North Vancouver, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BCOL 4653(C44-9W)
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CN Switchers in Vancouver Wharves area
Title:  CN Switchers in Vancouver Wharves area
Description:  Two sets of Canadian National switchers wait work on a typically grey day in Canada's third largest city. Both units are rebuilt by Alstom, but the 7044 also has a radio control light. There was a GMD1 behind the 7067.
Photo Date:  5/28/2001  Upload Date: 5/19/2011 12:38:23 AM
Location:  Vancouver, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  CN 7067(GP9RM) CN 7044(GP9RM)
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FNM 3511 leads a nb manifest
Title:  FNM 3511 leads a nb manifest
Description:  Ferromex' daily northbound, the DGDSF (Directo Guadalajara-Surfragio). It stops in Mazatlan to set off and pick up. It's journey has just ended on the Division Guadalajara and will continue on the Division Hermosillo north. This facility is the former Ferrocarril Sud-Pacifico de Mexico at Sin T-1175. The C30-7 was delivered to National de Mexico in Jan 1980 as their #6770. It was assigned by FXE as a "carga" unit in Division Hermosillo, but appears to now be in the dead line in Tepic.
Photo Date:  12/27/2002  Upload Date: 7/24/2007 12:19:43 AM
Location:  Mazatlan, MX
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  FXE 3511(C30-7) FXE 3702(C30-S7)
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FNM 3702 Super Seven
Title:  FNM 3702 Super Seven
Description:  Ferrocariles Nacionales de Mexico Super Seven trails on Ferromex train DGDSF (Directo Guadalajara-Surfragio), aka "Tren 3511 del Norte." The Ferromex employees at the Pacifico depot told me "You're lucky to see a train here." Super 7-30C 3702 began life as NdeM U36C 8922 about 9/1973 and was rebuilt into a Super Seven for FNM by GE on 1/990, arriving us their #14002. A year and a half after this shot, she was wrecked on 6/26/2004 near Tula in an accident with another train.
Photo Date:  12/27/2002  Upload Date: 7/24/2007 12:20:06 AM
Location:  Mazatlan, MX
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  FXE 3702(C30-S7) FXE 3511(C30-7)
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Ferrocarril del Pacifico Shops
Title:  Ferrocarril del Pacifico Shops
Description:  Still in FNM paint, but with a Ferromex patch, C30-7 #3529 gets a look see in the former FCP shops two days after Christmas. I was able to visit this location through a kind contact, and was shown around by the local Ferromex employees, who had to be some of the nicest folks you could ever meet. They met me at the bus, took me through the facilites, and then waited with me for a bus back to my hotel. This unit is at home, having once been Ferrocarril del Pacifico #440, built in 1981 (I think for the NdeM).
Photo Date:  12/27/2002  Upload Date: 7/16/2008 11:18:30 AM
Location:  Mazatlan, MX
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  FCM 3529(C30-7)
Views:  1367   Comments: 1
CP Carson and Dolores Yard on New Year's Eve
Title:  CP Carson and Dolores Yard on New Year's Eve
Description:  Before the Alameda Corridor was built (the tracks beneath the cantalevered signal bridge), train watching at Dolores Yard was easy, but by 2002, the yard had been fixed so that getting shots involve stopping at a no stopping zone and pointing the camera out the window. Still, I managed to pull in briefly and get this shot of a warbonnet Dash 9 waiting its turn on the Corridor, while a UP SD9043MAC idles and a southbound UP stacker behind an SD70M gets ready to make it's run down into the Harbor.
Photo Date:  12/31/2002  Upload Date: 7/16/2008 11:18:47 AM
Location:  Carson, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  UP 8180(SD9043MAC) UP 4492(SD70M) BNSF 766(C44-9W)
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BCOL 4606
Title:  BCOL 4606
Description:  Came upon this freight, just south of the Squamish train station, on my one and only visit there. I'd driven up the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver the day of our "End of Season One" party for the TWILIGHT ZONE. Little did I know there would be no season two. Train is lead by GE C40-8M #4606. Delivered in April of 1990, the locomotive was a BCOL class GEF40.
Photo Date:  3/29/2003  Upload Date: 12/29/2010 1:18:55 AM
Location:  Squamish, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BCOL 4606(C40-8M)
Views:  1080   Comments: 1
CP 2860
Title:  CP 2860
Description:  Royal Hudson 2860 sits in a light steady rain while fog swirls in the mountains above her in lush and stunning Squamish BC.
Photo Date:  3/29/2003  Upload Date: 9/3/2011 1:03:49 PM
Location:  Squamish, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  CP 2860(4-6-4)
Views:  1034   Comments: 0
Britsih Columbia Electric 70t
Title:  Britsih Columbia Electric 70t
Description:  This neatly restored, classic GE 70 tonner sat in the annoyng drizzle during my only visit ever to the West Coast Railway Association Museum. Purchased in 1949, this unit was sold to Eurocan Pulp & Paper in Kitimat, BC in 1980, before spending its retirement years here in Squamish.
Photo Date:  3/29/2003  Upload Date: 12/30/2010 1:00:40 AM
Location:  Squamish, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Categories:  Roster
Locomotives:  BCER 941(70Tonner)
Views:  921   Comments: 1
BCOL 609
Title:  BCOL 609
Description:  One of BC Rail's unique CRS20-CAT rebuilds of their Montreal Locomotive Works RS18s rest in the yard in North Van. Delivered in June of 1962 as Pacific Great Eastern Railway 595, it was rebuilt with a CAT engine by BC Rail in 1990.
Photo Date:  3/29/2003  Upload Date: 12/29/2010 1:07:50 AM
Location:  North Vancouver, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BCOL 609(RS18C)
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BCOL 611
Title:  BCOL 611
Description:  BC Rail called these CAT rebuilds CRS20-CATs, but they still looked like Montreal Locomotive RS18s on the majority of the carbody. These units were being used as yard switchers and transfer power in the early 2000s.
Photo Date:  3/29/2003  Upload Date: 9/3/2011 1:03:37 PM
Location:  North Vancouver, BC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BCOL 611(RS18C)
Views:  881   Comments: 0
VRE V30 with train 607
Title:  VRE V30 with train 607
Description:  The Virginia Railway Exrpess has broght life to the old Richmond, Fredricksburg & Potomac platforms. V30 was once Amtrak 403, and wasy cycled through VMV in Paducah. This unit started life as one of the F40PHR "rebuilds" built with parts from traded in SDP40Fs (which were less than ten years old at the time). She was delivered to Amtrak December 1987, and was part of their last order for these units.
Photo Date:  4/14/2003  Upload Date: 7/29/2007 11:53:26 AM
Location:  Alexandria, VA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  VRE V30(F40PHR)
Views:  1038   Comments: 0
VRE V05 with train 309
Title:  VRE V05 with train 309
Description:  Sounder cars mix well with the eclectic mix of VRE equipment. The RP39-2C began life as Seaboard Coast Line GP40 1635 (later SBD and CSX 6789). Morrison Knudson's rebuilt the unit in 1991. As to the Sounder Bombardier bi-levels, when Sounder started they ordered enough equipment to service all their proposed runs, but BNSF trackage rights issues weren't resolved, and much of Sounder's equipment is out on lease (to VRE, Metrolink, and West Coast Express).
Photo Date:  4/14/2003  Upload Date: 7/29/2007 11:53:48 AM
Location:  Alexandria, VA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  VRE V05(RP39-2C)
Views:  960   Comments: 0
SFS 92
Title:  SFS 92
Description:  The Scenic Day Tour train - westbound with beer and passengers, has only a few blocks left on its run from Lamy to Santa Fe. The GP7u was built by Electro-Motive in July 1953 as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 2861. It was rebuilt at Cleburne in July 1974 as 2075. SFS bought it in March 1992. The beer comes from Joe G. Maloof Company (almost all Coors from Denver). The train has just crossed Alarid Street and only has a few more blocks to go for the Santa Fe depot.
Photo Date:  6/23/2003  Upload Date: 8/2/2007 12:51:38 AM
Location:  Santa Fe, NM
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  SFS 92(GP7u)
Views:  1124   Comments: 1
BNSF eastbound manifest
Title:  BNSF eastbound manifest
Description:  Eastbound manifest east of town, and passing our motel, at 7:57 AM in the morning. We were staying at the Flagstaff Travel Lodge on Route 66, which is one of dozens of "Railfan-Heaven" places to stay in Flagstaff. Roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the Transcon in that glorious Northern Arizona morning light. Here, we see a collection of Dash 9s. The lead unit, #4567, arrived from the GE shops in Erie, PA in late 1999 as part of an order of 299 units. BNSF has nearly 1,700 of these units, I believe. Sort of boggles the mind.
Photo Date:  6/27/2003  Upload Date: 7/28/2008 12:30:15 AM
Location:  Flagstaff, AZ
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BNSF 4567(C44-9W) BNSF 4592(C44-9W) BNSF 4582(C44-9W) NS 8948(C40-9W) BNSF 795(C44-9W)
Views:  1406   Comments: 1
Union Station at Christmas
Title:  Union Station at Christmas
Description:  Union Station lights up the downtown. Anchoring the corner of 17th and Wynkoop in the LoDo district, the Beaux-Arts station once served 80 daily trains operated by six different railroads. Today you can catch Denver RTD, The Ski Train, and the California Zephyr here (along with doznes of bus lines that now run on former rail ROW). This X-Mas lighting of Denver Union Station was one of those things I'd seen in pics since I was a kid. Seeing it in real life was truly a treat.
Photo Date:  12/27/2003  Upload Date: 7/27/2007 10:08:56 PM
Location:  Denver, CO
Author:  Charles Freericks
Views:  403   Comments: 0
UP eastbound coal
Title:  UP eastbound coal
Description:  It was zero fahrenheit, with a windchill of -20, while skiers ignored this Yampa Valley coal train that would force us all to wait another twenty minutes for the arrival of the Ski Train. Second unit was an unpatched SP AC4400CW. There was also a midtrain DPU set of another AC4400CW and a SD90MAC. Pushing on the rear was another DPU set, this one, one UP and one SP AC4400CW. UP #6998 is a September 1999 product of Erie. The train is ascending a 2.0% grade from Tabernash to the West Portal of the Moffat Tunnel. It is probably off the Craig Branch.
Photo Date:  12/28/2003  Upload Date: 8/13/2008 10:38:16 AM
Location:  Winter Park, CO
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  UP 6998(AC44CW)
Views:  1538   Comments: 2
PVRX 21 an RS1
Title:  PVRX 21 an RS1
Description:  Pook Valley #21 awaits a repainting into Morristown & Erie colors. Originally built for the Soo Line as 350, the unit also worked for Virginia & Maryland/Maryland & Delaware, and Massachusetts Central. In 1997, it was acquired by private owner James Hager, Jr., who had it painted Pook Valley, in honor of his same named model railroad layout. It has since been repainted as the second Morristown & Erie #15.
Photo Date:  4/15/2004  Upload Date: 8/9/2007 10:27:35 AM
Location:  Whippany, NJ
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  PVRX 21(RS1)
Views:  966   Comments: 0
Amtrak 774
Title:  Amtrak 774
Description:  Amtrak #774 arrives along side Laguna Creek early on a weekend morning. This Pacific Surfliner (aka Central Coast Surfliner) is 119 miles into its 350 mile journey between San Lois Obispo and San Diego. Laguna Creek is jacketed in a channel of cobblestones as part of a WPA flood control project. The pumping station is visible at the rear of the train. F59PHI was delivered in July of 1998. The F59PHIs were nicknamed Chevy Luminas for their look-alike mini-van corporate cousins (not the same named sedans).
Photo Date:  5/30/2004  Upload Date: 7/21/2007 1:57:42 AM
Location:  Santa Barbara, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  AMTK 452(F59PHI)
Views:  776   Comments: 1
UP MWCPD30 at Capitan
Title:  UP MWCPD30 at Capitan
Description:  UP MWCPD30 - "The Portland" waits along the 101 for a turn at Gaviota Trestle. This daily train was nicknamed the "PeeDee." It ran from West Colton to Albina, OR (Portland) carrying mostly empties. It was later replaced by the MWCPT (aka "The Portland" or "PT Cruiser"). Sadly, "The Portland" no longer runs up the Coast. Delivered back in May of 2001, 4668 is one of 1,462 SD70Ms on UP's roster. This one has the older, flat radiators, indicating that it is not Tier One compliant.
Photo Date:  5/30/2004  Upload Date: 7/21/2007 1:58:21 AM
Location:  Capitan, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  UP 4668(SD70M)
Views:  557   Comments: 0
Amtrak #1014 Stub Train at Santa Barbara
Title:  Amtrak #1014 Stub Train at Santa Barbara
Description:  With all sets of the Coast Starlight running more than 14 hours late, Amtrak annuled #11 in Oakland, and ran this #1014 stub train of cobbled together Amtrak California "California Locomotives" and Horizon coaches to replace the actual #14. Passengers on this train transfered to the real Starlight at Oakland. Unit 2015 was the last F59PHI purchased by Amtrak California, coming in its second order of 2001 (first order was 1994). The second order pushed the last F40PHs out of California for good.
Photo Date:  5/31/2004  Upload Date: 7/21/2007 1:58:49 AM
Location:  Santa Barbara, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Categories:  Passenger
Locomotives:  CDTX 2015(F59PHI)
Views:  1123   Comments: 1
ATSF 3751
Title:  ATSF 3751
Description:  Following display at the rededication of the ATSF's San Bernardino depot, Class Northern #3751 races west on track that was once the Southern Pacific Baldwin Park Branch. This is Metrolink's San Gabriel Subdivision, a Frankenstein creation of Pacific Electric, Soutern Pacific, and Santa Fe trackage. But the big Northern couldn't care less, and the folks trackside were delighted to see her. While the image doesn't show it, the platforms were packed with locals waiting on 3751. This engine had sat in a park in San Bernardino from 1953 to 1986, but was amazingly brought back to life in 1991. This run was in celebration of the rebuilding of the San Bernardino depot which had sat desolate for decades too.
Photo Date:  6/13/2004  Upload Date: 9/2/2008 1:22:17 AM
Location:  Covina, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  ATSF 3751(4-8-4)
Views:  1462   Comments: 0
Railtown 1897 excursion train from Chinese Station
Title:  Railtown 1897 excursion train from Chinese Station
Description:  Sierra Railway #28 was built by Baldwin Locomotive in 1922 for the Sierra Railway, and is wonderfully operating today on home rails. Sierra's steam locomotives (as well as it's Jamestown roundhouse and shops) survived due to the railroad's ability to rent them out to Hollywood film shoots (like Petticoat Junction). In 1982, they were sold to the State of California. This train will soon pick up a new load of passengers, and then make another run out to Chinese Station.
Photo Date:  8/28/2004  Upload Date: 10/14/2008 1:39:25 AM
Location:  Jamestown, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  SRYC 28(2-8-0)
Views:  1461   Comments: 0
"Blue Bonnets" sunning in the yard
Title:  "Blue Bonnets" sunning in the yard
Description:  I woke up early to shoot some Stockton Sub action on this morning, but unfortunately I was greeted by empty tracks. I did luck out to find this great pair of elderly GEEPS out in the open in Riverbank Yard (and being photographed by some other fans). GP39-2 #2845 was delivered to the Santa Fe as their #3649 in March of 1975. It became SPSF #3148 in July of 1985, only to be renumbered back to ATSF #3649 before December of 1987. It was rebuilt into a GP39-2u and renumbered #3445 at that time. It became BNSF #2845 in September of 1999. GP30u #2466 began life as ATSF #2768 in April of 1963. It also wore #1268 and #3268 before becoming SPSF #2768 in 1982. It was rebuilt in December of 1980, and it became BNSF #2466 in May of 1999.
Photo Date:  8/29/2004  Upload Date: 10/13/2008 10:27:22 AM
Location:  Riverbank, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  BNSF 2845(GP39-2) BNSF 2466(GP30u)
Views:  915   Comments: 1
Red Rock Winery "Critter"
Title:  Red Rock Winery "Critter"
Description:  This little display train is parked at 7326 East Hwy 140 in Planada, CA (near Merced) as part of the Red Rock Winery. It is led by a General Electric 25-ton, 150 horsepower, industrial locomotive. The builder number for this unit is #28247, which indicates that it was built in 1947. Originally delivered to Pacific Coast Aggregates in Fair Oaks, CA as their #P-103; it then went to Lone Star Indstries as #5103 before finally being sold to Red Rock by October of 1999. Behind it is a tank car and a steel Southern Pacific Class C-30-5 bay window caboose. The C-30-5s were built in 1949 by the SP from parts supplied by American Car & Foundry.
Photo Date:  9/2/2004  Upload Date: 10/13/2008 10:27:49 AM
Location:  Planada, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  GE 28247(25 Tonner)
Views:  1182   Comments: 2
Title:  ATSF M177
Description:  For as long as I have been visiting Travel Town, the intent has been to rebuild this EMC-Pullman Standard gas-electric to pull a train from Travel Town to the LA Zoo. While I'm starting to think it won't ever happen, it's still a great piece of equipment.
Photo Date:  1/17/2005  Upload Date: 10/9/2010 12:46:52 AM
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Categories:  Roster
Locomotives:  ATSF M177(Motorcar)
Views:  1129   Comments: 0
Spring Railfest and the "24 Train"
Title:  Spring Railfest and the "24 Train"
Description:  Former CNW F7(A) lead the "24 Train" in a downpour in Fillmore, CA as seen from the eaves of the SP depot. This train set had been used in the opening scene of Season Four of the hit Fox TV show "24." It hit a truck parked on the tracks and exploded in a scene shot over by the Fish Hatchery. F7(A) #100 was originally delivered to the C&NW as their #4068A in March of 1949. It was rebuilt as a commuter engine in 1959 and renumbered to 409, before becoming Chicago RTA #409 in 1978 and then Metra in 1983. Later, it went to Rails Diversified, and then to Winchseter & Western, and then to Maryland Midland as their number 100. Shortline Enterprises (the owner of Fillmore and Western) acquired it from them.
Photo Date:  3/19/2005  Upload Date: 12/12/2008 1:39:34 AM
Location:  Fillmore, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  FWRY 100(F7A)
Views:  1287   Comments: 2
Eastbound "Triclops"
Title:  Eastbound "Triclops"
Description:  Two SD60Ms, the first one a triclops, pass the Metrolink platforms. Based on the older power, I believe that this is a Hauler or Local coming out of East Yard (which is just west of here) to the carload facility in Montclair. But, I have no way of knowing. This is UP's Los Angeles Sub, the former Los Angeles & Salt Lake RR. The triops was delivered in November of 1990 as part of UP's fourth order for SD60Ms (the five orders totaled 362 units). It has since been renumbered to #2408.
Photo Date:  10/13/2005  Upload Date: 8/9/2007 9:50:15 AM
Location:  Montebello, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  UP 6253(SD60M) UP 2452(SD60M)
Views:  1412   Comments: 0
Metrolink train 214
Title:  Metrolink train 214
Description:  The train from Lancaster to Los Angeles scoots across the high desert. This is the Saugus Line (aka the Antelope Valley Line), built by the Southern Pacific as an inland route between LA and San Francisco. These days, passengers can only ride the line as far north as Lancaster, and even that is just because of the Nortridge Earthquake of Jan 1994. The run north of Santa Clarita had been in the long-term plans of Metrolink, but was jump started when the earthquake knocked out an essential freeway. It proved so popular that it was made permanent..
Photo Date:  10/14/2005  Upload Date: 8/8/2007 11:29:40 AM
Location:  Acton, CA
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  SCAX 874(F59PHI)
Views:  701   Comments: 1
K277 (Unit US Waste Management train)
Title:  K277 (Unit US Waste Management train)
Description:  Half framed by the overgrown shrubbery, a CSX southbound heads through the West Englewood depot. K277 is the unit US Waste Management train
Photo Date:  12/23/2005  Upload Date: 8/8/2007 11:38:49 AM
Location:  Teaneck, NJ
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  CSX 8783(SD60M)
Views:  757   Comments: 1
Norfolk Southern 204
Title:  Norfolk Southern 204
Description:  Norfolk Southern hotshot intermodal train #204 heads north, about to cross E. 36th Street in Charlotte, NC. This is an Atlanta to Alexandria train. GP60 #7111 was delivered to the NS in August of 1991. She is trailed by three classmates, all from the same original order and delivered within two months of the 7111. We are in the Charlotte District of the Piedmont Subdivision. This was one of my earliest digital train images.
Photo Date:  12/28/2005  Upload Date: 1/12/2008 2:48:26 PM
Location:  Charlotte, NC
Author:  Charles Freericks
Locomotives:  NS 7111(GP60) NS 7121(GP60) NS 7110(GP60) NS 7139(GP60)
Views:  1194   Comments: 1

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